10 Incredible Holiday Homes to Rent

From Georgio Armani’s Italian villa to ornate riads

With summer well under way, there’s no better time to start looking at vacation options. If the idea of being cooped up in a hotel has you feeling claustrophobic, you might want to start looking in to renting a holiday home.


If your perfect holiday would be spent whiling away the summer months in an architectural masterpiece, nestled away in an idyllic location (with a big group of your closest friends) then a holiday home is what you’re looking for.


Dammusi Grande, Pantelleria

This hidden Sicilian volcanic island, where the film A Bigger Splash was shot, is actually closer to North Africa than Italy. With its beautiful climate, blue water, ancient ruins and fresh cuisine, it’s no wonder that Giorgio Armani owns his dammusi in the so-called “Black Pearl of the Mediterranean”. It’s the perfect villa for a peaceful retreat.



Prices at Dammusi Grande start from 16,340 AED/4,550 USD per week



Villa Mirad, Ibiza

For some, Ibiza is all about the nightlife; but the idyllic island is actually the perfect spot for a quiet and tranquil experience. With its panoramic views of the sea, Villa Mirad is where you should be spending your Spanish holiday.



Prices at Villa Mirad start from 2645 AED/720 USD per week

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Villa Agaves, Marrakesh

This Moroccan riad, which perfectly combines old and new, was built by Belgian architect Quentin Wilbaux, famed for his work restoring the architectural heritage of the medina of Marrakesh. It’s the dream spot if you’re into green tea and chilling.



Prices at Villa Agaves start from 4,000 AED/1,090 USD per night

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Monocabin, Rhodes

Italy-based Mandalaki Design Studio proposes the Monocabin, a new experimental liveable space, set in the stunning Greek island. The 26 square-metre home is ideal if you want to spend time with yourself.



Prices at Monocabin start from 385 AED/105 USD per night



Casa Vendicari, Sicily

This breathtaking brutalist house, built with local stone, magically blends in with nature. Eat delicious locally-sourced food, watch the sunset and relax until summer is over.



Prices at Casa Vendicari start from 23,395 AED/6,370 USD per week, 



Villa Santanyi, Mallorca

This minimalist pastel-drenched summerhouse is the reason why less is more.



Prices at Villa Santanyi, starting from 17,005 AED/4,630 USD per night

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Chalet Heinz Julen Loft, Zematt

This incredible loft chalet in the Alps is the reminder of why you should never underrate a mountain holiday in the summer months.



Prices at Chalet Heinz Julen Loft start from 8,403 AED/2,288 USD per night

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Solo Office II, Matarraña

With a 360° view of the abundant untouched surrounding nature, this experimental halo-shaped home, set in the “Spanish Tuscany” is literally otherworldly.



Prices at Solo offce II start from 25,526 AED/6,950 USD per week

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Seascape Beach Retreat, Banks Peninsula

This minimalist but mind blowing home, in a hidden New Zealand island that’s only accessible by helicopter, is perfect if you’re looking for a summer escape with bae.



Prices at Seascape Beach Retreat, start from 6,574 AED/1,790 USD



Treehouse, Tulum

Ever dreamt of a house in the middle of the jungle? This eco-friendly minimalist holiday home is what you’re looking for.



Prices at Treehouse start from 6,795 AED/1,850 USD per night



G House, Bonnieux

This amazing villa designed by Yves Saint Laurent designer duo Studio KO is another reason why the south of France is always a good idea.



Prices at G house start from 15,427 AED/4,200 USD per week


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