10 Moroccan IG Accounts to Follow

A taste of what’s going on in the Kingdom

When it comes to well-curated Instagram feeds, Moroccans seem to have it figured out. After all, practically every corner of the North African nation is insta-worthy.


With an abundance of pastel coloured walls, palm-trees, and a perfect mix of the traditional and modern, the possibilities are endless. And these IG accounts have us all swooning to book our next visit.


From artists, to influencers, these are the accounts to follow to get a little taste of what’s going on in the Kingdom.





Essentially a poster-board for all things Morocco, through the eyes of blogger/designer Sofia El Arabi.





The famed photographer/artist shares snaps of his work, his travels, and everything to do with his studio in Marrakesh—which is open to the public.





A beautiful collection of photos, mostly taken at the Marrakesh riad.





A Casablanca-based illustrator who shares her intricate designs and snapshots of her life in the city.  





The travel diary of a Dutch-Moroccan.





Through Amine’s feed, you get a little taste of the fashion designer’s daily life in Marrakesh and all the events taking place in the red city.





The photographer’s feed is packed full of his work and taken all throughout Morocco. With subjects varying from familiar faces, to Moroccan youth and trash cans on the streets of Casablanca.





This fashion and lifestyle blogger shares her travels within Morocco and across the world, giving us a glimpse into all the places to be.






If you’re looking for a place to eat while you’re in town, these two foodie sisters give you the low-down on where to grab a healthy bite.





A beautifully curated feed, giving you all the inspiration you need when it comes to Moroccan interiors.

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