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We’re only a few months into 2023, but the world of music is already buzzing with a slew of new releases that came out since clocks struck midnight on Dec. 31. From chart-topping pop titles to experimental hip-hop tracks, this year is shaping up to be full of musical diversity and creativity, with some of the biggest names in the industry coming out in full force, dropping albums and singles left, right and center.

And, it’s not just mainstream artists who are making waves this year. The underground music scene is also alive and kicking, with emerging artists challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of what music can be by playing with different styles to create something truly original and unique.

With so many exciting releases already added to our playlists, who knows what other musical treasures this year has in store for us? In the meantime, let’s sit back, put on our headphones, and enjoy some of the best sonic projects that have come out so far. Below, 10 titles that caught our attention since the beginning of the new year. 

Nadine El Roubi – New Era 

Marking a new turn in her promising career, Sudanese rapper Nadine El Roubi is exploring new horizons and perspectives in her latest release, which comes a little over six months since the release of her debut EP Triplicity. Jumping on a trap-inspired production, the Boston-based MC punches through the track to remind fans, and newcomers, that her journey has only just begun, with hard work, focus, and hunger being some of the main ingredients she intends on using to live up to her full potential and take the scene by storm.


Losez – 23 Sahbi

Hailing from Dubai, Algerian artist Losez has created an experimental and upbeat track that is both catchy and enticing, tapping into the two-step genre with bars delivered in both French and Arabic. Showcasing his unique approach to music, the track, titled 23 Sahbi, is just one piece of the artist’s much larger project En Couleurs that stands out as a shining example of his talent and vision, providing us with a glimpse into his world, his unique flavor, and his creativity. Seemingly alone in this pocket of music in the Arab world, Losez is breaking barriers and carving out a distinct path for himself, proving that there are no limits to what can be achieved when one is willing to think outside the box and push the boundaries of traditional genres.

Bayou – Dodi And Diana

Saudi-born Egyptian crooner Bayou pays homage to the ill-fated romance between Princess Diana and movie mogul Dodi Fayed in his first release of 2023, titled Dodi and Diana. Weaving Arabic and English together while drawing parallels between his own personal love affairs and that of the iconic couple, the track’s electronic melody transports listeners to a contemplative and reminiscent space that gives way to introspection to ponder the power of love and the impact it can have on one’s life, even in the face of adversity and tragedy.

Laila Beshara – Hours Before

Breaking into the scene with a tripartite debut, Alexandrian R&B & Hip-Hop artist Laila Beshara, alongside music producer Amr Omar, are poised to shake up the music scene in the region with their unique blend of melodies and trap drums. Our favorite track has to be Hours Before as it embodies the artistic vision and creative prowess of the pair, evoking a deep sense of curiosity and wonder in its listeners, urging them to explore new horizons, and strive towards a more profound and purposeful way of life.

Big Murk, Haykal – Galab 

Palestinian-Jordanian producer and drummer Big Murk has just released his first sonic statement of the year, titled Galab, with long-time friend and frequent collaborator Haykal. Meaning ”changed” or ”flipped” in Arabic, the single comes as further evidence of how influenced the Levantine-based duo is by grime as they tap into the British genre once more for their fourth track together. Elegantly playing with words and the richness of their mother tongue on a bumpy production, the collaborative title is to save and play at your next sit down with the boys while throwing up gun-fingers at each beat drop. 

Saint Levant – See You Again 

Placed as the outro of his first solo project, titled From Gaza with Love, Saint Levant keeps on zeroing in on some of his themes of predilection; namely identity, love, and family. In few words, See You Again is a complex cocktail of emotions that takes listeners on a retrospective journey through the American-Palestinian artist’s life, accomplishments, and struggles that are all packaged in three minutes of heartfelt lyrics and soulful melody. Creating a song that is both deeply personal and still relatable to a wide audience— especially those that might currently be experiencing an excess of nostalgia for their exes— the track, very much like the rest of the project, features his signature pop style while also incorporating classic instrumental elements that speak, and most importantly make reference, to his roots and rich cultural heritage.

Afroto – Bahz 

The impact of the drill epidemic on the world has been widely recognized since it gained mainstream attention in recent years. This style of music has found its way onto all five continents, including Africa, and has become a defining genre for many artists. One of these artists is Egyptian rapper Afroto, who has created a track called Bahz that injects energy into listeners, whether they’re starting their day on a foggy morning or working out at the gym. With the potential of becoming one of the hottest tracks of the year,  Bahz proves that drill music is not just a simple sound with random lyrics, but rather an art form that only a few, like Afroto, can master.

TIF – Amnesia

Algerian rapper TIF marks his much-awaited comeback mere months after the release of his debut album Houma Sweet Houma last year with a melancholic, yet somehow uplifting, single titled AMNESIA. Offering an incredibly captivating auditory experience, thanks to TIF’s innate talent for melody and skillful use of instrumentation, the track is perfectly tailored to soundtrack your next escape as he infuses his signature North African sound with more contemporary influences. With its emotive lyrics and infectious beat, the song is sure to resonate with listeners across the globe, cementing TIF’s position as one of the most exciting voices in the international rap scene.

Sharmoofer, Novo – W Ba3deen

If we’re being completely honest, there’s a little something special about Novo that has made us keep track and not want to miss any of his releases since we discovered him on his debut project Love or Madness back in 2021. Relatively discrete ever since, the Cairo-based musician entered the new year by teaming up with fellow Egyptian duo Sharmoofers to unleash what could definitely be one of this summer’s potential anthems. To be enjoyed at home or at a party with friends, W Ba3deen can, or should we say will, follow you through the next couple of months of sun thanks to its uplifting spirit and infectious beats. Novo’s signature blend of Egyptian pop, R&B, and electronic music is on full display here, with his smooth vocals perfectly complementing Sharmoofers’ energetic verses, proving himself once again as one of Egypt’s most exciting and innovative musical talents.

Mishaal Tamer – 966

Saudi-Ecuadorian musician and producer Mishaal Tamer is undoubtedly one of the rising stars to keep an eye on this year. In his latest release, the young singer and songwriter delves into themes of love, heartbreak, and mending by crafting a poetic and powerful prose that is yet to be heard in the region’s music scene as well as on the international stage. Carrying a broad appeal as the song can resonate with listeners of all ages, whether they are teenagers, in their 20s, or beyond,  as a harbinger of the summer season, the track beckons us to cast off our winter blues and anticipate the liberating feeling of summer, extending a warm invitation to experience its hedonistic embrace.         

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