10 Sweatpants Not Made for Lounging

Wear these on your next night out

It used to be that sweatpants were worn on two occasions: at home, or at the gym. But these days, even the most formally dressed of us have started to appreciate the cosiness that comes with jersey fabrics, terrycloth and drawstrings.


Maybe it’s because of the meteoric rise of streetwear, or maybe it’s Kim Kardashian’s recent Yeezy-packed wardrobe, but one thing for sure—the ‘beauty is pain’ mentality is a distant thing of the past. We’ve come to value comfort, all without compromising style.


From luxury fashion brands to sportswear giants, we round up some of the coolest, and most comfortable sweatpants you can wear on any occasion.


Nike Velour Trousers



319 AED / 86 USD




Off-White Black Striped Track Pants



2250 AED / 612 USD





Puma Diamond Sweatpants



505 AED / 137 USD





Vetements Black Tape-Trimmed Track Pants



3300 AED / 898 USD





Jack Wills Tracksuit Pant



290 AED / 79 USD





RE/DONE Tapered Cotton-Jersey Sweatpants



1276 AED / 347 USD





Puma Pop Up Sweats



235 AED / 64 USD





Adidas V-Stripes Pants



420 AED / 114 USD





Marc Jacobs Cropped Track Pants



2350 AED / 640 USD





Kappa Slim Track Joggers



235 AED / 64 USD



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