From Trash to Treasure: 9 Things You Can Upcycle

Clever ways to tame your inner hoarder

My apartment is full of stuff I like, don’t use – but won’t get rid of.  I know it’s a flaw, but I’m too emotionally invested. I’m by no means a real hoarder, but I certainly have hoarding tendencies.

I relish the moments when I come across something I haven’t used in a while. I reminisce, justify its sentimental value, and put it right back where I found it. Those short lapses of nostalgia are the primary reason I keep some of those things lying around—and it needs to change.

If you haven’t heard of upcycling, now is the time to get familiar. It’s sort of like recycling, except you skip the middle-man and find fun, practical new uses for your own junk. It’s the ultimate solution to satisfying our inner hoarders while remaining environmentally friendly.

So, if you’re anything like me and can’t commit to throwing anything out, try these upcycling ideas and reduce your carbon footprint while you’re at it:

Turn your stack of old magazines into a chair

What You Need: Magazines, wood-base, leather belt/rope, drill, screws.

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Courtesy of HGTV

Turn an old leather belt into a curtain tie

What You Need: Belt, measuring tape, hammer, nails.

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Courtesy of Teen Vogue

Turn your dust covers into pillowcases

What You Need: dust covers, scissors, sewing machine.

See it here


Transform your vintage suitcase into a side table

What You Need: suitcase, hairpin, legs.

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Turn the baking tin you never use into planter

What You Need: Baking tin, plastic sheet, stones, soil, herbs, scissors, superglue.

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Frame your vintage scarves

What You Need: Vintage scarves, frames.

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Transform your vintage tins into organizers

What You Need: Vintage tins, plywood, jigsaw, compass, drill, threaded rod, nuts, washers, measuring tape, copper pipe, pipe cutter, hacksaw.

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Make floating shelves out of old books

What You Need: Hardbound book, L-brackets, level, drill, hammer, pencil.

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Turn your dusty old Globe into a Pendent Lamp

What You Need: Crafts Knife, off-white paint, lamp.

See it here

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