12 Unusual Mosques Around the World

From Indonesia to Mali

byAmina Kaabi

While there are strict requirements in Islam for a building to be classified as a mosque, people throughout civilizations have found numerous creative ways to meet them, and simultaneously turn the places of worship into incredible works of art.


Most mosques around the world look practically the same, featuring domes or minarets—some more elaborate than others. Architectural styles depend on the region, but sometimes creativity takes a full turn—making for some of the world’s most exquisite, and unique, architectural gems.  


From Indonesia to Mali, we rounded up some of the world’s most unusual mosques



Nusrat Djahan Mosque, Denmark





Great Mosque Of Djenné, Mali





Niujie Mosque, China





Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque, Sri Lanka




Fatima Mosque, Kuwait





Lala Tulpan Mosque, Russia





Nasser Mosque, Kuwait





Sancaklar Underground Mosque, Turkey





Safina Mosque, Pakistan





Grand Mosque West Sumatra, Indonesia





Education City Mosque, Qatar





Cage Mosque, Saudi Arabia


Unusual Mosques

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