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2000s Arab Pop Stars Whose Style We Need to Revive

The killer outfits that defined an era

Any fan of Arabic music can testify the significance of the early 2000s. It was during this era that Arab pop reached its climax. We witnessed the rise of the region’s biggest stars, from Nancy Ajram to Haifa Wehbi, and the now often forgotten, Ruby, who we have to thank for the classic track, Leih Beydari Keda.

But although their music has lived on over the decades, their style has gone overlooked for too long, but we’re here to make sure it’s remembered.

From Samira Said’s monochrome ensembles, to Amr Diab’s baby blue micro sunglasses, we rounded up the looks that deserve your attention.

Samira Said – Youm Wara Youm 
Monochrome looks have made their way back in recent years, but Samira Said set the tone a long time ago with her all black and white monochromatic outfits.

Amr Diab – El Alem Allah

Few male Arab popstars have had a career as long-lasting as Amr Diab’s and we’re convinced his sartorial choices played a big part in it.

Haifa Wehbe – Yebn El Halal

Low-rise pants might be making a comeback soon, and it might be worth taking notes from Haifa Wehbi, and cop a red leather pair.

Ruby – Leih Beydari Keda

Comfort has become key in today’s fashion, catapulting sportswear into the mainstream, and Ruby’s tight tracksuit fits right in.

Myriam Fares – Nadini

Myriam Fares shook the game up when she came on to the scene with her 2003 hit, Nadini, serving up not one, but four super-2000s looks in her first music video. But we’re particularly into her Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired ensemble.

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