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This Bella Hadid-Approved Makeup Artist Predicts 2020’s Best Trends

Think natural skin and rhinestones

Bella Hadid

Makeup is a creative force for me, it empowers me”, says Brooklyn raised Palestinian makeup artist Nadia Tayeh. “It’s trendsetting, it’s therapy, it’s a mood changer, its’ emotional, and also a big flex”, she continues.

Speaking to the young makeup artist, it’s clear that makeup has always served as an essential form of storytelling for her. With a style that oscillates between sleek minimalism and bold futurism, Tayeh has been working backstage at New York Fashion Week for 11 years, collaborating with brands like Brandon Maxwell, Oscar de la Renta and Balmain to name just a few. Her biggest career highlight to date? Glamming Bella Hadid. “I love how she reps and supports Palestine and that is the love and support we need to see”, she says.

And when it comes to her personal makeup routine, Tayeh likes to feel like “herself”, as she puts it. “Flawless skin and anything else should be an accessory, like a bold liner or lip”, she says.

With so many statement looks saturating the runways, we asked Tayeh to try and predict 2020’s biggest makeup trends.

Unconventional Eyeliner

I think we will see a lot of unconventional eyeliner this year. Eyeliner always makes a bold statement but it will make even more of a statement now when it’s placed randomly around the eye, like a floating crease liner instead of your traditional black cat eyeliner. I think coloured eyeliner will also be huge this spring/summer in unconventional shapes and places and transforming your black cat eyeliner into a neon one. 

Natural Skin

People want to see their skin through the makeup and that’s what I see from the runway, to requests from my personal clients. People are feeling more fresh and youthful with less and less coverage on their skin. You can always perfect where needed while still keeping the rest of your skin feeling and looking natural. I think people want to detox from all the perfected overdone makeup they’ve seen throughout the years on Instagram. Less is more. 


I think gloss is definitely making a comeback. Playing off of natural skin, more people are highlighting now with gloss on their cheekbones to their eyes and lips. Highlighting your cheekbones with gloss really portrays a glow from within and it’s so easy to do. It comes in handy for those who are intimated or overwhelmed with purchasing too much makeup. Using a gloss on their cheekbones or dabbing it on their eyelids and lips is an effective way to skip all the in-depth online tutorials and still look expensive. We also don’t want to see dried or heavy matte lips anymore and I really think glossy lips are making a comeback for a juicy pout this spring/summer. 

Bushy Brows

Brows frame the face and the fuller the better. We are seeing brushed up fuller brows on models. More and more people want to highlight the features they’re born with and letting their brows grow out has been extremely popular and less expensive. It has even gone so far where people are laminating their brows for that semi-permanent look. 


From Euphoria inspired makeup to bringing back the early 2000’s, everyone wants all the feels! I think people love to feel nostalgic and rhinestones are taking us there. We are definitely seeing a lot of rhinestones worked into our eye makeup, over our eyeliners and even into the hair, decorating baby hairs. I think it gives people an easy and fun way to create something editorial.

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