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4 Sudanese Creatives to Look Out For

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sudanese creatives

Not so long ago, the Republic of Sudan had made international headlines for the wave of street demonstrations that swept through the country’s main cities. Almost three years later and a despot out the way, a new blow is carrying Khartoum’s creatives to experiment and explore new dimensions of art may it be through music, acting or fashion. 

At the intersection of several cultures and history, the country has recently been showcasing a rich variety of young individuals that have been focusing on their art while voicing their own message and thoughts through their own crafted productions. 

To celebrate the country’s countless invaluable minds, we have gathered four creatives to look out for in the times to come on Instagram. 



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The Miami-based singer is one that definitely knows how to make his home country proud. With more than one bow to his ark, the artist can sing, rap and pour his usually melancholic stories onto any heartfelt beat. Rapidly climbing up the charts, the talented performer has just released his latest track, titled ‘Solace 22’, and it is well worth the detour. 

Abdel El Tayeb


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Finalist of Fashion Trust Arabia’s prize seeking to shed light on the region’s up and coming designers, Abdel El Tayeb’s vision for fashion seems unmatched as he draws most of his inspiration from his background and identity and transposes it onto pieces of textile that reek of reek of originality and creativeness. 



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There must be something in Sudan’s water to be providing so many of its people with such tones of voices. Personal and introspective yet chill and calm, Keyz never fails to meet the expectations that are put into him. The 24-year-old already has a wide portfolio and has been garnering more and more attention and traction one release at a time. 



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Based in Dubai but of Sudanese origin, the womenswear brand is a modern, chic and elegant label that seeks to cater for the modern woman. Through bright colours and slick cuts, their style is one we would want to wrap the whole region in. 

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