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5 Arab Meme Accounts That Actually Deserve a Follow


If there’s one place in the world where everyone can take a joke, it’s ours.  Sit at any coffee shop and keep your ears open, you’re bound to get a few laughs in.  

While we hope that these loose conversations will never see an end, some have actually managed to digitalise this witty and gritty humour by building an impressive stock of memes and posts on our favourite social media platform, Instagram.

Hailing from all ends of the Arab world, we dug into this bold corner of the internet to get you chuckling like the old days. 

Pan Arabist Memes


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Une publication partagée par Pan-Arabist Memes (@panarabistmemes)

First on the list is Pan Arabist Memes, these guys collect Arabic flavoured memes from all over the world. They’ve got that particular type of Eastern humour and trendy memes only Middle Easterners can get.


Coming straight out of Morocco, this account might be understood by many but,if you’ve got a grasp of darija, you’re guaranteed a laugh.

Asa7be Sarcasm Society 


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Une publication partagée par Asa7be Sarcasm Society (@asa7bess)

We all know how Egypt was the region’s crowned capital of culture. And the North African country is ready to reclaim that title, especially with pages like this one. Sarcastic and clever, you can now dig into the nation’s folkloric humour through one easy and simple click.



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Une publication partagée par Ministry of Culture (@paleschan)

Playing with politics and their own dire situation, this Palestinian account aims at turning current affairs into kitschy and sktechy jokes you’ll end up saving and/or sharing with you close ones endlessly.

Meme Heros

Last but not least is meme heros, Algeria’s own dump of funny pictures and videos that you’d usually expect to see go round on Whatsapp but somehow made it to Instagram. 

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