5 Best Environmentally-Friendly Sunscreens

Protect your skin and the planet

As skin cancer hasn’t ceased to increase in the past decades sun creams are undoubtedly the summer essential. But unfortunately, there is one problem: approximately 5000 tons of sun creams dilute in the oceans each year along with their non-biodegradable products – such as oxybenzone and octinoxate. This only contributes to coral bleaching and to the destruction of coral reefs.  

For you to protect both your skin and the environment, MILLE rounds up five of the best ocean-safe sunscreens.

Biosolis Sun Milk for Face and Body SPF30


90 AED / 25 USD


Alphanova Sun Organic Certified Sun Milk, SPF 30

55 AED/ 15 USD


Bio Beaute By Nuxe Sun Protection Silky Cream SPF50 50ML

65 AED 18 USD


EQ Evoa Combo Sunstick-Sunscreen SPF50+/SPF50


62 AED / 17 USD


Organii Sun Milk SPF 50


110 AED / 30 USD


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