The 5 Best Luxury Boutique Hotels in Cairo

The city’s hidden gems

Although vacations are meant to be relaxing, the process of planning one is almost always a daunting and anxiety-inducing task. Nothing is more complicated than choosing the right place to stay—especially in a city as big and varied as Cairo.

Booking a room at your average hotel chain definitely has its perks (it’s like McDonald’s – you know what you’re going to get) but if you want your accommodation to be an experience in itself, a boutique hotel is the way to go.

Since they’re typically smaller establishments, you’ll likely find yourself in the heart of the city. And rather than generic hotel decor, boutique hotels are almost always immaculately designed—from the furniture down to the artwork—everything is expertly curated.

To make your booking process a whole lot easier, we rounded up Cairo’s top boutique hotels.


If you’re not into anything extravagant—Longchamps is a great alternative. The hotel’s simple décor gives off super cosy and comfy vibes, which are typically hard to find anywhere in Cairo, especially in Zamalek. And to top things off, the rooms are huge!

Villa Belle Epoque

A stay at the Belle Epoque is like no other. The boutique hotel, which opened its doors almost a decade ago, is a quiet escape from the city’s bustling streets. Located in the uber-sophisticated neighbourhood of Maadi, the recently renovated colonial building boasts a swimming pool and plenty of sunbathing spots on the sundeck and various patios.

The Talisman

A little lesser-known—but equally charming—The Talisman is a hotel that has been in operation since 2006 and is located in the heart of downtown Cairo – on the busy streets of Talaat. What sets this hotel apart is its ultra-bold design and opulent furniture.

Le Riad Hotel De Charme

Also located in the city centre is Le Riad hotel. With a total of 17 rooms—each telling a different story with brightly colored walls and extravagant furniture design, Le Riad is perhaps the most charming property in the city’s boutique hotel scene, and is best known for its 5-star service.

1920 Boutique Hotel

Nestled outside of the city center, we find 1920s Boutique Hotel in the neighbourhood of Heliopolis, it boasts a fine selection of restaurants and bars, with a diverse taste palette varying between oriental, Asian, international and Italian cuisines. It also hosts a wonderful boutique hotel, consists of 9 rooms and a luxury suite, each with a unique interior, in addition to a small gym and sauna.

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