Euphoria makeup

5 Bold Euphoria Makeup Looks to Try

Think shimmery lids and rhinestone cat eyes

Euphoria makeup

Who said you have to limit yourself to cut creases and contour? If you’re watching HBO’s cult new show ‘Euphoria’ (if you haven’t we recommend you do) you’ll know that the time has come to swap you banal makeup for something a little more extreme.

If ‘Euphoria’ is on everyone’s lips these days, it’s not just because of its brilliantly gritty depiction of American high school life; but also because of the show’s fearless makeup looks.

The person behind these playful (and instantly-viral) looks is artist Doniella Davy, who also worked on acclaimed Oscar-winning movie ‘Moonlight’. But thanks to ‘Euphoria’, Davy has now accumulated a cult following of her own, with almost 220k followers on Instagram.

Davy’s visual language powerfully resonates with Gen Z. They’re using makeup as a form of self-expression that helps us assert their individuality and challenge conformist conventions of makeup. 

According to a research, Gen Z is the most ethnically diverse generation. Far beyond the idea of a mask you can cover up with, makeup says a lot about who they fundamentally are. 

Perhaps you didn’t know it yet, but vibrant makeup is probably your best coming-of-age look. Feeling ready to step out of your comfort zone but still want to look grown up? Look no further. We round up five of the best Euphoria makeup looks that are easy to replicate. 

The Subversive Cleopatra Cat-Eye

The Color Block Eye-Lid

The High Impact Shade

The Single Rhinestone

The Flashing Neon Eye-Lashes

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