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5 Cafes in Riyadh to Work From

And get your daily dose of caffeine

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned in the last two years, it’s that remote work is the future of almost every industry. If that applies to you, that means you’ve probably seen your entire routine shift, having had to adopt new habits and adapt to the digitalisation of society. And it’s not just about the lack of offices, from shopping to going to uni, everything happens online now. 

Everything considered, this has meant the return of the beloved internet café.  And the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of course not immune to the trend. Considering the internet penetration rates of the country, which stand at a sky-high 95 percent according to DataReportal, this smooth transition was, from the outside looking in, well received by most citizens. Because tapping on your keyboard from your couch can get quite repetitive and with most coffee shops having finally reopened,  it’s time for everyone to get back into the internet café game. 

For that reason, we gathered five of Riyadh’s cosiest spots for you to get work done smoothly. 

Wabi Sabi

Set in the heart of Riyadh, Wabi Sabi is Saudi’s first vegan restaurant. Instagramable from every angle, their deliciously long menu will know how to take you on a savoury trip through the chef’s meticulously prepared recipes. Mouthwatering and healthy, Wabi Sabi is the place to go get the cheat meal that won’t make you feel guilty. 

The upstairs terrace opens up on a splendid view of the neighborhood they have been anchored in since 2019. Can you be headed there to get your day started or end it around a nice latté, the plant-based café is also the perfect spot to work remotely without being disturbed. 


Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll probably find it here because, without any bad play of word, there are plenty of things to explore and discover. Fancy getting groomed, bash out some work or even just simply have a nice coffee, this is the place to keep in mind for any of those. 

Home to more than one food bar, coffee house or exquisite restaurant, Plenty is a cosmopolitan space that caters for everyone’s needs and tastes. It’s also perfect to go fishing for some inspiration, the eclectic selection of activities will know how to refresh your brain and give it the extra kick it needed to get you through your week. 


Slick, chic and snazzy, Eclat is a spacious place that offers a lot of different environments to remotely work from. Serving all sorts of coffees and little heavenly snacks to go with, working has never felt so smooth. Especially considering the decor it’s nestled itself in. Located in Diriyah’s heritage district, the spectacular views surrounding Eclat are ideal for mid-work breaks.

Ashjar Cafe

Calm and cosy, Ashjar cafe is definitely one of Riyadh’s best spots. Very aesthetic, every picture you’ll end up taking of the decor or food will surely end up on one of your upcoming photo dumps on Instagram. Perfect for coffee lovers, the place is full of greenery and is excellent for meeting with friends or just working on your own. The walls are covered with all sorts of artefacts and often coated in mellow sober colours that bring peace to your far-too-busy mind. 

Feeling like a city of its own, Ashjar is the perfect retreat to charge your batteries up while staying efficient and proactive. 


Open from the early morning to the late-night, Focus is quite literally designed for customers to come in and enjoy working around a nice blended coffee and calm space. In their own words, they believe that “a clean work environment puts people at ease and tidiness is key to efficiency”.  Ideal for almost any situation, the coffee house is known for its refreshing menu full of daring blends and delicious mixtures. 

Full of space for group or individual work, Focus has grown into a must-visit in Saudi’s budding leisure scene. 

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