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5 Reasons to Visit Elba Island Instead of Capri This Summer

Say hello to Italy’s new crown jewel


Located in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Elba island is Italy’s hidden paradise and the luxury beach holiday you need to take this summer. 

Beautiful Beaches
elba island beach italy

Among Italians and tourists alike, Elba is renowned for its beaches. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to beaches, but the beauty of Elba is its plentiful options, from quiet beaches to resorts and rocky coastlines.
One of the most beautiful beaches is Sansone, which has dusty white beaches that look like they’re better suited to a tropical island than the coast of Italy. For more adventurous holiday-goers, Laconella offers a more private type of relaxation, just off Lacona (the island’s most popular beach) Laconella has the clearest water and is filled with all types of little sea-creatures. 

Spa Resorts

Sick of noisy children and splashing water? Book in to one of Elba’s countless luxury hotels. With a range of boutique and spa hotels, there is an option for everyone. Perhaps one of the most unusual options is the Experience Relais Il Termine Country & Sea. A converted luxury farmhouse that comes equipped with profoundly beautiful interiors and provides outstanding professional service. 

Elba villas

Elba Island is comprised of many different towns and cities. The most popular is Portoferraio, the island’s largest city founded by one of the illustrious Medici family members in the 1500s. It has three ports with a hill offering a spectacular view over-looking the sea. Marciana Marina is one of the island’s most beautiful towns. It is comprised of mostly a marina, with the old tower Medicea (which used to defend the island from pirates). As a result, most of the town has not been reconstructed since the 18th century, and is quaint and full of history. 


In one of the towns alone (Marina di Campo), there are over 150 different species of marine organisms, and the island offers all of the species a thriving life on the Tuscan Archipelago.
As a result, the island is practically one large aquarium, and with so much sea fauna it is attractive for families with young children and anyone who appreciates viewing wildlife in its natural habitat.


Apart from its beautiful scenery, Elba is also known for being Napoleon’s place of exile. Dating back to the Etruscan period, the island has held many leaders and key historical figures over the years, evident by how historical houses in San Martino and Portoferrario boast some of the most famous attractions on the island.

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