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5 IG Accounts to Inspire You This Summer

From memes and style inspo to graphic data charts


We might not want to admit it, but summer days and increased screen time are definitely correlated. Whether you’re between appointments at one of these Italian spa resorts, or working on your tan at the beach, any chunk of free time is largely spent scouring through your Instagram feed. 

And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Afterall, summer is all about winding down, even if that means an added two or three hours to your average screen time per day. 

But chances are, you’re probably already over the countless influencers vying for your attention with their endless bikini snaps on a boat in Sicily, so to revamp your feed, MILLE scoured IG and rounded up our favourite IG accounts to indulge in.

Salome Mory

There’s no denial that ‘Provence girl’ is this year’s go-to summer look, and Salome Mory embodies the French-girl laissez-faire spirit. Whether you’re looking for quick summer ‘fit inspiration, or see where her next travel venture is, the model’s IG is a must-follow. 


From one of the founders of regional journal Minazine, comes Miilkiina, a creative agency with a focus on the Middle East. Aside from regular posts delving into the worlds of Arab creatives, their IG feed serves as a source of daily inspiration with a well-curated set of posts covering art and photography. 


Memes have an amazing capability of crossing borders. They’re something we can all relate to. But there’s nothing like an ultra-relevant meme. And if you’re Arab, The Meem Shop is an IG account you have to follow.

EGP Journal

Instagram is littered with online fashion journals, but this one, curated by a stylist named Elodie Gabrielle Purcell is our favourite. Whether you’re looking for everyday fashion inspo, references, or just to diversify your feed, be sure to hit follow on EGP journal.

Mona Chalabi

Understandably, with summer comes a desire to disconnect completely—even from world issues we care about. But Mona Chalabi (who is currently the Data Editor at The Guardian) will keep you updated on the most pressing matters through her beautifully drawn out and easy to understand data charts.

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