5 Life Improving Essential Oils

Mood-shifters, sleep-enhancers and skin-boosters

We all know that lavender oil can be pretty relaxing, and if you’re into meditation, you might have diffused frankincense oil for your last session. But most of us haven’t really delved into the world of essential oils beyond pharmacy-bought lavender for insomnia.

It can be intimidating and a tad confusing. Not only are there an abundance of them, but each oil has its own range of health benefits—which is really cool until you realize that oil blends are a thing too and then you fall in to the overwhelming rabbit hole of aromatherapy.

Getting your head around oils is totally worth it though. Once you find the right oil it can be life changing. To save you the headache, we did some of the work for you and boiled it down to 5 life-improving oils.

Chamomile Oil

A cup of Chamomile tea can be pretty relaxing after a long day of work, but the yellow and white flower actually contains a much longer list of benefits as a pure essential oil. While it has been proven to reduce anxiety, it’s also both an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent. Perhaps its most surprising quality is that it’s also a great source of moisture. Add a few drops to an unscented cream or lotion, and it can really improve dry skin.

Rosemary Oil

When diffused, rosemary oil can help boost memory and improve concentration. A 2015 study also found the oil is an effective hair growth stimulant when used topically. You can add a couple drops into your favourite shampoo to give your locks an extra boost.

Grapefruit Oil

Aside from being delicious, grapefruits are also full of Vitamin C and an abundant of antioxidants. When concentrated into oil, it can be both a mood-lifter and skin toner. It’s also known to reduce the appearance of cellulite when applied topically. If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, you can mix it with patchouli oil, the blend acts as a natural appetite suppressant when inhaled.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is made from a specific strand of rose that’s packed full of Vitamin C and A, giving it anti-aging properties that can smooth out your wrinkles. It also contains high levels of fatty acids, which make it a great treatment for scarring and skin regeneration. Make sure you keep your oil refrigerated so it doesn’t lose its effectiveness.

Lemon Oil

Start your day by diffusing lemon oil. Inhaling the fresh citrusy scent can be an energy booster. It’s edible too—you can mix a few drops with water or put it in your favourite smoothie for a mid-day pick-me-up. When it comes to your skin, you can place a drop or two on a cotton ball and dab it onto blemishes as it can also be used to lighten dark spots and heal acne.

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