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جيجي حديد

5 Natural DIY Beauty Treatments You Should Try This Summer

All-natural beauty guru Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli reveals all

جيجي حديد

As countless people around the globe are searching for ways to embrace environmentally friendly lifestyles and stay away from toxic ingredients, the “organic” and “clean” beauty industry has grown substantially over the last few years – according to research, the industry will be worth $21.78 billion by 2024. 

30-year-old New-York-native and natural beauty advocate Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli, who founded and hosts the podcast Naked Beauty, got into natural products when she transitioned to natural hair about 10 years ago. “I started doing a lot of research on oils, masks and started experimenting with my own at-home recipes”, she says before adding, “just like cooking, there was a lot of trial and error until I found what worked for me”. 

During that cathartic process, DeVard Ozaydinli came to the realisation that there wasn’t much information about simple, homemade recipes, just because as she puts it, “natural is not a product”. This is why she eventually decided to launch her platform; so she could share her tips and most importantly, holistically engage unfiltered conversations about beauty with women. “Whether it’s YouTubers or editors, there’s a lot of commercialism when it comes to beauty. I wanted to have a space where we can talk about what really works and what doesn’t and explore our journey figuring this out”, she continues. 

Naked Beauty is a place where women (and above all, POC women) can come together to get deeper knowledge about beauty and reclaim traditions that have been whitewashed by Western capitalism. “This isn’t a 5-minute tutorial. I really want to bring more honesty and depth to the table”.

Her most listened to episode to date is entitled Self Care is Free’ a reminder to everyone that there’s no need to invest in expensive products, pretty candles, bubble baths or even schedule a spa day to feel great and beautiful; organic skin-care recipes can be made in our kitchens. 

We all know that keeping skin and hair silky and smooth during beach season is no easy task. But we’ve got you covered. We asked DeVard Ozaydinlin to share her five super-simple game-changing formulas. 

Tumeric & Yogurt MaskTumeric & Yogurt Mask

This mask is fool proof, takes five minutes to make and I promise you the results are insane. It’s great for hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Mix a few tablespoons of turmeric into yogurt. Full-fat Greek yogurt has lactic acid and enzymes to soothe, soften and hydrate the skin. Smooth onto face and let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and see that glow! Turmeric stains so be careful with your preparation area. You can also add honey and lemon for added skin benefits. 

Luxury Sugar ScrubSugar Scrub

This is what you need for smooth summer skin and is one of my best ever!
One-cup of sugar, 1/4-cup grapeseed oil, ¼-cup apricot kernel oil, two tablespoons of whipped shea butter. Mix with essential oils: six drops geranium, six drops neroli, three drops patchouli, three drops lemon. Divine scent mix!! 

Cleansing Charcoal MaskCleansing Charcoal Mask

Perfect to unclog pores. I go up to using it weekly when the weather is hot and sticky and I’m constantly sweating. It takes 10 minutes, requires nothing but water and the powder – meaning it costs about $0.10 per mask. I’ve also found it does wonders for acne & breakouts. Buy the charcoal in capsules. One pill = one mask and it’s super easy to travel with. 

Moisturizing Citrus BodywashMoisturizing Citrus Bodywash

Literally the natural body wash of your dreams in five minutes. Easy to make, all natural, beautifully scented and deeply moisturizing. Once you make my luxe Citrus & Lavender Shower Gel, you won’t look back! Two cups castile soap. Two teaspoons of grape seed oil (makes this so nourishing and leaves skin soft not stripped). One teaspoon Vitamin E oil (hydrates skin and elongates shelf life). 30-40 drops of essential oils of choice. I use bergamot, tangerine and grapefruit— a gorgeous blend!

Hair Maskhair mask

To cleanse my hair I swear by this mask: rhassoul clay and apple cider vinegar. Rhassoul clay works especially well for dry hair and scalp because of its moisturizing and re-mineralising properties. Benefits are immediate and this clay always brings my curls new life. Apple cider vinegar helps ease an itching scalp, improves the shininess of hair and helps moisture retention by causing cuticles to lay flat via pH balancing the hair. I mix the two together with a little water, leave on for 20 minutes, rinse and follow with conditioner — you’re going to be obsessed if you’ve never tried this before.

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