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5 Qatari Creatives to Watch Closely

The Kingdom might be small in size but great in talent

There’s no doubt about it, Qatar might just be slowly becoming the one of the region’s culture capitals. After a successful run of global events taking place week in and out of the kingdom, we’re keeping a close eye.

But outside of the transplanted Dior exhibits and Fashion Trust Arabia award ceremonies that had the industry’s biggest heavyweights calling Doha home for a week, Qatar is home to its very own talents. We’re here to celebrate them.

Get to know the myriad of artists that sit behind the wheel of Qatar’s cultural landscape:



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Specialised in contemporary and fine arts, Ameera Alaji is a multidisciplinary artist that can be labelled as one that is never afraid of thinking outside the box. Making use of her own experiences and memories to create, the Sheffield-graduate dabbles into everything from film, printmaking, writing, photography while regularly drawing on a recurrent theme: home.


Born in Venezuela, raised in Lebanon but now based in Qatar, Haytham Sharrouf can do anything from interior architecture to painting and graphic design. Passionate about digital art, fashion illustration and oil paintings, his works always carry layered meanings for his followers and art enthusiasts in general to enjoy.


Fahad Al Obaidly is a creative in the literal sense of the word. Working closely with Qatar’s cultural hub M7, the young passionate individual boasts a wide portfolio of work, and his expertise is well recognised in the kingdom as much as throughout the gulf. Anyone could agree on the fact that Fahad has somewhat of a Midas touch as anything he lays his mind to becomes an instant hit or trend.



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Now here’s one that’ll know how to brighten your day up. The Doha-based artist, Mbarak Althani, loves to play with colour, texture, shape and form and is not afraid to break the norm in order to materialise his creative thoughts. Having worked with the UN, UNESCO and also the US Embassy in Qatar to mention just them, Mbarak is a name you can for sure expect to see go around in the times to come.



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Ebtisam Alsaffar is a Qatari painter that is here to express herself rather than impress others. Often in an abstract manner, her captivating work has been exposed across the whole region making her one of the very few Arab women painters you want to make sure to check out before she blows up real time.

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