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5 Radical Facials You Need to Try

From electric shocks to bird poop

The ‘no makeup’ look is currently the hottest makeup trend, and few are fortunate enough to reach that look with a touch of serum and moisturiser.


While the road to perfect skin is steeped in various products, lifestyle choices, and treatments, we can’t always rely on products and proper rest in our 24-hour lives. The only way to really reach skin-perfection is to work beneath the veneer of serums. As technology has advanced, so have treatments – providing us with top-secret tricks to help us get by. Here are five radical facials you need to try.


Caci Ultimate Micro-current Lift

Heralded as the nonsurgical facelift. In the treatment, a CACI therapist uses a handheld wand to direct micro-currents throughout the face. These micro-currents pulse a low level of electricity that are similar to the body’s electrical currents. The result is fantastic. It jumpstarts blood circulation in muscles and boosts collagen production – leaving the skin plumper and fuller. Although it’s been said that the best results are dependent on the therapist’s finesse. So look up your CACI therapist before revitalising.


LED Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy or photobiomodulation, is a process where a red light is shone on the skin (which can penetrate up to 10 mm below the surface). This process of absorbing the light then stimulates metabolism, increases circulation and produces new capillaries as well as collagen. This form of skin therapy is especially good for skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.


Sound Therapy

One of the more abstract forms of healing, sound therapy, has been a historical form of therapy for centuries, from group chanting to didgeridoos, but now it is having a moment with the help of Hollywood. The science is simple: the same way that deep sound vibrations have been known to reduce stress in psychological and physical strains – are the same vibrations that can almost miraculously cure skin problems. If it doesn’t cure what ails you, you can do it for the gram.


Bird Poop Facial

The bird poop facial – or Geisha facial known as Uguisu – involves extracted nightingale excrements (a treatment that dates back to the Edo period in Japan when Geisha and Kabuki artists would use this tool to remove lead based makeup). The science behind the bird poop is in the highly concentrated amounts of urea which locks moisture into skin and guanine which makes skin glow.


Placenta Facial

The placenta facial is one of the more wild treatments. The facial utilises sheep placenta, either from derived stem cells or by extracting proteins to form a serum. This facial is great for tightening skin, elasticity, and hydration. The science behind this treatment is in the way sheep placenta stem cells mimic human stem cells. The easily absorbed stem cells penetrate deeper than typical surface skin treatments, giving you that rested refreshed look.


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