5 Saudi IG Accounts You Should Be Following Right Now

From stand-up comedians to art moguls

bySarah Ben Romdane

Saudi Arabia has long been seen as a conservative kingdom, yet thanks to social media, a new breed of a forward thinking creatives have emerged. We round up five Saudi Instagram accounts you need to follow to have a taste of what’s really going on in the Kingdom.





Mohammed Alhamdan is probably Saudi Arabia’s leading comedian, best known for his viral videos on social media. In 2016, he wrote the short movie Awafi, in which he also appears. In 2017, Warchieff was shot for Louis Vuitton by Omani photographer Chndy and Iraqi photographer Cheb Moha.




The Saudi Art Council



The Saudi Art Council is a non-profit organisation which was founded in order to support the emergence of art and young artists across the Kingdom. Their Instagram showcases emerging and established artists as well as upcoming exhibitions and talks. The Council also organise an annual (and internationally-acclaimed) art fair in Jeddah called ’21, 39′, which runs until May 5 and features 30 Saudi artists. 




Hisham Fageeh



30-year-old Hisham Fageeh is a Saudi stand-up comedian and actor, who started his career with his satirical Youtube Channel ‘Isboo’iyat Hisham’. Since then, he has performed in various countries and starred in Barakash Meets Barakash, Saudi Arabia’s submission to the Oscars for Best Foreign Film.




Oasis Magazine



Oasis Magazine celebrates Middle Eastern art, culture, fashion, design, personalities and civilisation, by introducing young local creatives, challenging the status quo and the stigmatisation of the region.




Balqis Al Rashed



Riyadh-born, Beirut-raised artist and designer Balqis Al Rashed questions our collective identity and the notion of the ‘self’. She co-founded Khaleeji clothing line Qabila Apparel, exhibited at Sharjah Art Foundation, and was also the first international artist in residence at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. Oh, and she is a Nike ambassador.



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