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6 Underrated Age-Old Natural Remedies from North Africa and the Middle East

Happy World Health Day

If you’re Arab, chances are your mom has a super power: healing. Age-old knowledge of herbs and natural ingredients have been passed from generation to generation for decades, so it’s anything but hidden. 

Whether it’s a herbal recipe or a peculiar hack, traditional cures from North Africa to the Middle East have always proved to be pretty powerful. So we’ve rounded up some age-old tricks that you might want to start using.

Lemons and headbands are the new Aspirin
Cut two slices of lemon, place each on either side of your forehead and wrap a scarf tight around them. It should ease your headache in 15 minutes.

The classic ultra-spicy soup
Harissa, garlic and spices mixed into the ultimate flu remedy.

Coffee to heal cuts
Rubbing some grounded coffee on cuts should stop the bleeding.

Fennel seeds for period pains
Infused fennel is the perfect remedy drink.

Combat fever with vinegar or orange blossom water
Pouring a handful of either one on your scalp should help with mild fevers.

Pomegranate peels to cure stomach aches
Boil a few peels, filter and drink the water.

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