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A Quest for Healing: Our Encounter With The Bedouin Healer of Mount Sinai

How a casual quest for cheesecake led to an unforgettable encounter with a renowned healer

My encounter with Dr. Ahmed began unexpectedly during a quest for cheesecake in Dahab. While visiting a local shop known for making the best cheesecakes, I struck up a conversation with Hamdy, the shop owner, and also the chef behind the famed dessert. He shared with me details about Dahab, Sinai, and Bedouin culture. However, it wasn’t until he mentioned a Bedouin holistic healer named Dr. Ahmed, living atop a mountain, that my interest truly piqued. Surprised that I hadn’t heard of the renowned Dr. Ahmed—someone everyone in Dahab seemed to know. Sensing my interest, Hamdy suggested I seek out the doctor to experience his extraordinary healing abilities for myself. He noted that Dr. Ahmed could only be found on Fridays and Saturdays, as he spent the remainder of the week in solitude, wandering the mountains away from civilization.

Describing Dr. Ahmed as a legendary figure capable of healing almost anything with his extensive knowledge of herbs and natural remedies, Hamdy insisted his methods were far superior to any conventional medicine. Inspired, I was determined to seek out the doctor, setting off on a journey with friends to experience his magical healing abilities firsthand. 

The journey took us from Dahab to Saint Catherine, a town in the South Sinai Governorate of Egypt, situated 1,586 meters above sea level. Home to Jabal Musa (Mount Sinai), a site of profound religious significance mentioned in the Torah, Bible, and Quran, where Prophet Musa first spoke to God, the town is known for its crisp, fresh air and indescribable tranquility. 

As we neared the town, we asked every Bedouin man we encountered for directions to Dr. Ahmed, and eventually, were guided to his “pharmacy”—a small house nestled between mountains, surrounded by the source of his natural remedies. When we reached, Dr. Ahmed wasn’t there, and would return within an hour. As we waited for his arrival, we were served a special tea made from rosemary and sage while we relaxed in the serene surroundings until the healer arrived.

Two hours later, Dr. Ahmed appeared with a calm presence that mirrored the serene atmosphere of Saint Catherine. Despite being 50-years-old, he possessed the youthful appearance of someone at least two decades younger. He greeted us warmly, ushering us into his herbal pharmacy, and began to share his story.

Dr. Ahmed served us another cup of rosemary and sage tea, a plant he highly valued, even placing it in a vase on his desk. He began recounting his journey from a young boy born into a traditional Bedouin family, with a deep affinity for the earth and its offerings. This connection led him to reject the conventional path of schooling and societal norms focused on money. Instead, he chose to roam Jabal Musa, assisting tourists with hiking trips and dwelling in a cave, where he learned crucial life lessons. His path took a pivotal turn when an Austrian tourist, impressed by his herbal knowledge, offered him the opportunity to study pharmaceutical sciences and herbology in Austria.

Once there, he gained extensive knowledge about botany and developed a unique ability to diagnose ailments simply through observation. He also traveled around several Greek Islands to further his study of plants. Armed with this expertise, Dr. Ahmed returned to Saint Catherine, where he dedicated himself to healing people with his herbal concoctions. He has since successfully treated patients who come from all over the world to see him with a wide array of illnesses, including cancer, with his herbal prescriptions. However, he advises that in severe cases, his remedies should be used alongside conventional medicine.

When asked what are the most common conditions that people travel to see him for, Dr. Ahmed noted that it varies by the country. For instance, he mentioned that in the Gulf countries, where people spend a lot of times inside with air conditioning, he frequently sees cases of skin conditions, depressions, and diabetes, whereas in Egypt, the prevalent issues are obesity, cholesterol, and blood pressure problems. Meanwhile, he often treats Russian patients for bacterial infections. 

One of the most remarkable moments of our interaction was Dr. Ahmed’s ability to instantly diagnose me without any prior information or details about my health concerns. He accurately identified my lifestyle, eating habits, insecurities, and even my personality. His insights into my symptoms were the exact reasons I sought him out. He prescribed a series of herbs to combat my symptoms, leaving me hopeful about the effectiveness of his treatments. 

Dr. Ahmed then showed us his land, where he cultivates and grows his prized herbs, discussing his plants with great admiration. His ultimate goal is to create naturally derived pills to replace the chemically induced medications commonly used for ailments like migraines or the flu.

Hearing about Dr. Ahmed is one thing, but experiencing his mystical presence is another. A man who values and cherishes freedom, he often retreats to the mountains and desert to meditate and reflect, away from the noise of life. He passionately believes that humans are meant to live fulfilling and fruitful lives, beyond the pursuit of wealth. What started off as a quest for cheesecake turned into an unforgettable journey of healing and discovery.

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