Abadia is the Ethical Saudi Label that Knows What Sustainability Really Means

Fulfillment, wisdom and purpose.

“Clothing really has the power to tell a story of who we are and where we’ve come from,” founder of ethical brand Abadia, Shahd AlShehail, told us in an interview in 2018. This year, the Saudi entrepreneur has decided once again to go back to her roots in an approach of continuity and timelessness.

The sustainable brand has officially dropped the conventional seasonal collections, instead opting for a chronological order of their collections. 

Their latest drop, entitled Collection 9, coincidently inherits a number that is associated with fulfillment, wisdom and a higher purpose.

“As we come to terms with a prolonged climate of pandemic, we turn to various sources of inspiration and hope to keep us going,” declares the label.

“Collection 9 not only signifies a departure from the norm, it also embodies Abadia’s spirit of revival and continuous pursuit of purposeful growth.”

The pieces are the perfect intersection of flowy and structured fits. From floor-length shirt dresses to extra-maxi skirts with gathered details, the neutral palette of white and warm orange hues complements the simplicity and subtlety of the looks.

Long-inspired by the palm oasis in the Arabian Peninsula, Abadia also introduces handcrafted buttons inspired by date pits and made from an adaptation of the traditional technique of palm weaving.

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