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Acid Arab and Balenciaga Team Up on a Merch Collection and Playlist

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Acid arab

It’s safe to say that music and fashion undeniably go hand in hand. Both realms are basically inseparable by now which is proof of the entangling love affair entertained between the two industries. More and more sonic artists are tapping into their creative selves and digging their way into the super exclusive world of fashion. This time, it’s the Paris-based duo, Acid Arab, that is making strides in the designer clothing bubble, making Balenciaga their muse for the time of a capsule collection only.

The two collaborators have teamed up to give birth to a vibrant melee of music, art and fashion in textile and playlist form. After Fortnite, Yeezy and The Simpsons earlier this year, Balenciaga is continuing its foray into pop culture by adding Acid Arab’s name onto their already extensive portfolio of partnerships. Like said, Balenciaga’s invitation had the electronic band transfuse their vibrant aesthetic and spirited energy into a collection of unisex merch and a curated playlist. 

Oversized zip-up hoodies, sweatshirts, long-sleeve t-shirts and sweatpants are featured in this limited-edition collection. Pieces are drenched in a fluorescent neon green and embroidered with the collective’s name in both Roman and Arabic alphabet.


A soundtrack selected by the Parisian duo was also made available through digital streaming platforms for the occasion.  Fully-fledged element of the collaboration, the set of selected tunes are inspired by the pair’s mission: Spotlight and make space for Arab sounds in the current electro/techno scene.

All pieces are available to purchase through Balenciaga’s website

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