Adidas Celebrates Saudi Arabia’s Trailblazing Female Athletes

Arab women in the spotlight for international women’s day

International Women’s Day is here, and to commemorate, Adidas is celebrating Arab women in a major way. The sportswear giant has collaborated with three Saudi women for their latest UltraBoost19 campaign.

Taking over the streets of Jeddah, the campaign features some of the region’s most inspiring female athletes. Fitness instructor and sports abaya designer Lojain Alrefae is joined by the youngest Arab woman (and first Saudi) to summit the world’s highest peaks Raha Moharrak, and Guinness World Record holder and footballer Saja Kamal as the campaign’s powerful cast.

Captured in her adopted home in the middle of the mountain ranges of Jeddah, Raha Moharrak is heard proudly declaring: “I’ve only climbed every barrier laid out in front of me”. Speaking of the campaign, the climber said: “As a woman, I’ve had to climb and overcome a lot of barriers on my way to reach the top and to be able to be the woman I am today.”

Without shying away from her accomplishments, Kamal added “To be recognised as a female Saudi football player has meant that I’ve had to push myself to the limit to achieve this iconic position”.

“The expectations of what I should and shouldn’t be as a woman is a heavy weight to carry, but with time I have learned to not let anything limit me and to be the strongest version of myself,” said Lojain.

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