Prada X Adidas

Prada & Adidas Unveil Their New Sneaker

Say hello to a bowling bag and some Prada Adidas Superstars

Prada X Adidas

If you’d asked anyone what Adidas and Prada have in common a decade ago, you would have probably received blank faces in response. But when the news dropped about their new collaboration, the fashion world froze with anticipation of what could possibly be the cross-brand collaboration of the 2010s.

With the worlds of sports and luxury having mixed and merged so much, it’s hardly surprising that the two companies would join forces. The press release, which accompanied the first images of Prada’s collection with Adidas, emphasised the two companies’ “shared narratives and intersecting heritages”. 

The photos gave us the first look inside the Prada x Adidas collaboration, revealing the (guaranteed to be an instant sell-out) Prada Superstar and Prada Bowling. The collection sees a new, Prada-branded iteration of Adidas’s iconic Superstar sneaker, made in Italy by Prada. 

Prada X Adidas Prada X AdidasIt’s a “salute to the 50 years of the Superstar,” reads the statement, “which does not require being re-designed.” The shoe, which was launched in 1969 was kept in its original form, but Prada’s Spazzolato Rois leather was used for the upper. Adidas’s rubber shell toe was kept as is. 

As for the Prada Bowling bag, the fashion house introduced a new silhouette that echoes Prada’s signature bowling bag with hints of Adidas’ gym bag. Whilst the body of the bag is made in City Sport calf leather, it features a sports nylon strap, and at its centre are both the Prada and Adidas Originals logos. 

The collection will be in a limited run of 700, and will be available for purchase online and in stores on December 4.

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