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Adidas Taps Jenna Ortega As Brand Ambassador of Its New Sportswear Label

Introducing adidas Sportswear

Legendary sportswear brand adidas is about to shake things up in the industry with its latest announcement. For the first time in half a century, the German-athletic label is launching a fresh line, and has chosen none other than Wednesday star Jenna Ortega to lead the charge as global ambassador for adidas Sportswear, its newest signature label.

As the actress inks her first major fashion deal ever, adidas is showing eager signs of wanting to re-brand by stepping out with a fresh line aimed at winning over the hearts, and more importantly, the wardrobes of Gen Zs. In fact, this launch comes as another bold move from the three-striped company, as in the past handful of months, adidas put an end to its Yeezy collections and ensuing partnership with Kanye West, while also appointing Bjørn Gulden, formerly of Puma, as CEO.


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“At adidas, we are constantly looking at ways we can push the boundaries in both sport and culture, which is why it’s so exciting that we can announce Jenna Ortega has joined us, to launch our first new label in 50 years. A progressive and passionate next generation pioneer that is making waves across the globe, her fresh and creative way of thinking is what we, as a brand, found ourselves on and continue to be inspired by. We can’t wait to unveil what’s to come from this special partnership, very soon,” said Brian Grevy, executive board member of adidas, in a statement.

“My love for adidas is one that goes back years. It’s always had such a presence in sports, music and culture and continues to be an innovator in so many ways. Growing up for me it always had to be adidas sneakers and Ts as the go-to. To this day, so much of my wardrobe is made up of the iconic three stripes. I feel so honored to become a part of this legendary family of changemakers and be the face of its all-new label. Can’t wait to show you guys,” commented Ortega in the press release

The Mexican and Puerto Rican-American actress has been captivating audiences for some time now, but it wasn’t until her breakout role in the hit Netflix series Wednesday that she truly stole the hearts of viewers around the world. Her casting in the Tim Burton-directed series has earned her widespread recognition, making her one of the standout stars of 2022.

Writing a new chapter hand-in-hand with the current sensation of the silver screen industry, both involved parties are stepping towards uncharted, although exciting, territories in their respective trajectories. Representing a new era for the two as they strive to connect with the youthful, energetic spirit of those they are targeting, this upcoming partnership is poised to make some noise in the weeks to come and with Ortega at the forefront, it’s sure to be a great success when it hits shelves next week.

The first adidas Sportswear collection is expected to hit shelves on Feb. 9 via

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