Jijel beach in Algeria

5 Algerian Beaches You Need to Visit

Think crystalline Mediterranean waters and rocky cliffs

Jijel beach in Algeria

Morocco might be the ultimate North African getaway, but Algeria, its neighbouring country, is coming for the crown. 

The ultra low-key country, which is down to an economy that has largely depended on petrol and other natural resources, has never been a hotspot for tourism. But that doesn’t mean that it has nothing to offer. 

The nation is home to some of Africa’s most stunning views. And if we’re talking about beaches in particular, there are few locations that can rival Algeria. If you have still haven’t planned a visit, then it’s definitely time to.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up the best beaches Algeria has to offer. 



Located in north-eastern Algeria, Jijel is known for its beaches more than anything. No matter where you go in the province, you’re bound to be stunned by the crystal-clear Mediterranean waters that surround it. From Plage Kotama to its rocky cliffs, forget Italy, this is the new Med spot. 

Sidi Fredj

algerianbeachesSidi Fredj
If you find yourself in Algiers, a visit to Sidi Fredj is a must. The peninsula is just 30 kilometres away from the Algerian capital. With luxury resorts sitting on the Mediterranean coast, its the perfect Algerian getaway for anyone looking for both a sunny and historic escape. 


If a low-key beach trip is what you’re looking for, then Zeralda is it. The coastal town’s crystalline beaches are not only known for being stunning, but for their quiet charm too. The best part? It’s a short 30-minute car ride away from the capital.

Ain Achir Beach


Situated on the coast of Annaba, less than 100 kilometres from the border of Tunisia, is Ain Achir Beach, one of Algeria’s most picturesque spots to catch the hot African sun. The beach is surrounded by mountain views, and is known for its massive rocks that sit on its soft golden sands. 

El Kala

El Kala

Tunisia might have turned Tabarka into the ultimate tourist destination, but El Kala is its quieter, but equally stunning neighbour. Whether you’re looking for rocky or sandy beaches, you can find it here. If rocky is your vibe, the Plage Laouinette is a must-visit.

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