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Riyadh Gets A New Creative Space to Support Artists

AlMashtal is where it’s at

almashtal riyadh

If you’re an artist, Saudi Arabia is the place to be right now. The Kingdom’s creative scene doesn’t cease to grow and is transforming the nation into one of the hottest art hubs of the region. But with the rise of a new generation of local creatives, the need for support has never been more urgent.

To help nurture the Kingdom’s young talents, contemporary design graduate Noura Al Saud and brand designer and creative director Ala’a Ghanimah have joined forces—they’re also behind the creative projects That Initiative and Rukun Creative Exchange—to launch creative space AlMashtal.

Set in the heart of Riyadh’s international hub in the Diplomatic Quarter, the project will act as a safe haven for artists, creatives and art enthusiasts to connect with like-minded people, collaborate and make room for creativity. 

“We believe magic happens, when talented creative thinkers come together. They innovate ideas and solutions and go on to change not just how we see the world, but our ability to truly express ourselves,” the founders stated.

The new space, formerly a children’s nursery built in the 80s, hosts a gallery, a library, an audio and visual lab, a screening room, workstations and more at the disposal of creatives, designers and artists. 

AlMashtal also offers a program of events, exhibitions, talks and workshops in the hopes to build a homegrown creative ecosystem that strengthens the local creative community.

“Our vision is to build a large community of creative thinkers and become a hub which inspires and empowers the creative youth.”

AlMashtal has also been lending its Instagram platform to regional creatives to bring an insight on different disciplines from graphic and interior design, to creative writing. Co-founders of Radio Alhara Elias and Yousef Anastas, Saudi artist Noura Bouzo and interior designer Nawaf Nahar Al-Nassar were amongst the collaborators.

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