Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Speak Arabic

Hala Hala ya Alexa

Now this is the update the region may or may not have needed. Amazon’s home system Alexa is finally coming to the UAE. And yes, that means it’s learning Arabic. 

According to Amazon, the device will offer customers an all-new localised experience of the gadget as it will now be able to understand and speak Khaleeji Arabic.

Far from being just a literal translation of the English iteration of the tool, the Arabic variation will incorporate nuances in language while including very specific cultural references like prayer times, fasting times and more. 

“We’re incredibly excited to bring Alexa and the Echo family of devices to the United Arab Emirates,” said Tom Taylor, Senior Vice President, Amazon Alexa. “The team has worked hard to create an all-new Khaleeji Arabic experience designed from the ground up for Arabic-speaking customers and to optimize the Alexa experience in English for English-speakers to enjoy.”

The American giant has also teamed up with several local organisations and businesses to tailor a unique use of the appliance. Expo 2020, Anghami and Careem are amongst some of the main names that will appear on the artificially intelligent tool.

With more and more international companies wanting to spotlight the peninsula as well as the Arab World as a whole, this new announcement is a one that the Gulf is about to welcome warmly. 

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