Amr Diab

Egyptian Icon Amr Diab to Star in New Netflix Series

This marks his official return to the small screen

Amr Diab

At a time when Beirutis desperately try to rebuild their city and Syria falls into an even deeper crisis as a result of the Coronavirus (not to mention Yemen is still facing devastating famine) and airstrikes continue to hit Gaza), finding positive news isn’t easy right now. But thanks to Netflix, there are some things we can look forward to.

A new Netflix Arabic Original series has been teased to star Amr Diab. The musical drama—which was announced on Instagram—marks the return of the Egyptian superstar to the small screen, 27 years since he played the role of Adham in the movie ‘Dehk Wele’b Wegad Wehob’, alongside the late icon Omar Sharif. 

Also known as “Al Hadaba”, Diab’s career spans decades. Behind some of the world’s biggest Arab pop hits like ‘Nour Al Ein’ and ‘Tamally Ma3ak’, the 58-year-old is the first Arab singer to have entered the Guinness Book of World Records, as the first Arab singer to receive the largest number of international music awards for most album sales in the Middle East, with six of his albums having topped Billboard’s Global top 10 charts.

“I am thrilled to work with Netflix on this new project. I have always believed that art is a global language, and we have been able to build bridges of connections and love with diverse cultures through music,” he told to his 11.8 million followers in announcement on August 18. “And, now with this new project with Netflix, I am excited that we will be reaching more than 193 million members in more than 190 countries around the world where they will be able to watch new content made in Egypt and enjoyed by the world”, he continued.

This news comes just after the streaming platform announced its first Egyptian original series, ‘Paranormal’.

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