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An Expert Reveals How to Safely Bleach Your Dark Hair

Blondes have more fun

It was Clairol advertising salon color in the 1950’s and 1960’s who first coined the popular phrase “Is it true… blondes have more fun?” followed by another famous slogan, “If I’ve only life… let me live it as a blonde!” It’s true, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about bleached, sun-streaked lengths that can (literally and figuratively) lighten up your mood and unleash another more carefree side of you. However, if you have thick, dark tresses as most of us Arab women tend to, achieving flawless, peroxide-dipped strands can be challenging.

Thick, textured hair is more sensitive and delicate, so if you use bleach, it can easily become more damaged if you don’t take extra precautions to prevent breakage and hair loss. Meanwhile, dark hair types are more resistant to peroxide, meaning that it will need a lot longer to process, which could result in major damage if you leave the product in too long. For these reasons, it’s essential to seek out an expert colorist who can help you achieve the lighter locks you’ve always wanted — whether platinum or strawberry — without damaging your strands. To make your transition easier, Mille spoke to Sam Carpenter, hair artist and educator at Eideal, to share some of his top tips for going blonde.

First of all— can your strands actually fall off if you bleach your hair?

Yes, if the strands of hair are not protected and respected when bleaching, then they can break and/or, as science has shown, the person can experience hair fall.

Arab women tend to have thick, dark hair. Does this make their lengths less suitable for bleach?

Certainly, Arabic hair can be more difficult to bleach, especially if the desired result is a very light blonde with no warmth. It is still just as suitable for— and as prone to the negative side effects of — bleaching as any other hair type, but client expectations should be managed as to the final result achieved and the maintenance. Also, Arabic hair will need an intense home care routine to keep the color fresh.

What are some of the risks of going blonde if not done properly?

There are unfortunately a lot of negative side effects including long-term damage, breakage, dryness, undesired color, or excess warmth.

What is your best advice for someone with dark brown/black hair who wants to go blonde?

Go to a salon who are experts at blonding and understand if they are going to respect your hair and not cause excess damage. It’s also important to invest in home care.

One good option for those wishing to try out a blonde shade is this season’s hero hair color, “bronde.” Fusing rich brunette tones with cool or warm blonde hues this natural color is created thanks to clever blending which gives a softer hue. The epitome of subtle and sophisticated, “bronde” hair is a combination of highlights and lowlights that together create a gorgeous, multi-dimensional effect. Those that are brunettes will need more highlights to craft the look. Offering a shiny, multi-dimensional appearance, the color yields soft, sun-kissed results and can be tailored to create a bespoke color that is most flattering to you and your skin tone.

Would you suggest dying your hair yourself?

Absolutely not. Hair colorists are trained and experienced. It is impossible to create a result as good as that which can be achieved by a professional colorist if you DIY your hair color.

What are some of your post-care tips for hair after bleaching?

Invest in great quality salon professional products. The Heart of Glass range from Davines, is specially designed for bleached hair. It helps repair and maintain all blonde tones.

What shade of blonde are you expecting to see this summer?

Warmer tones are everything right now, think golden hour to sunset blondes and of course bronde.

How do you know what shade of blonde will suit you?

A colorist will consider your eye color and skin color and be able to create your bespoke blonde. That said, even as more gentle incarnations such as balayage and expensive blonde emerged, the blonde spectrum is not for everyone. Added to that the much-needed maintenance to keep blonde hair from drying out or looking too brassy, being blonde can be expensive.

Do you have any product recommendations for bleached hair?

Natural Tech from Nourishing as an in -salon repair treatment and when it comes to at-home hair care, the Heart of Glass Shampoo, Intense treatment and Bonding glow is a wise investment.

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