Umm Kulthum

An Umm Kulthum Tribute is Coming to Dubai

Paying their respects to one of the region’s greatest

Umm Kulthum

Yes, we have our contemporary greats, but one of this generation’s biggest disappointments is to not having been able to witness the legendary Umm Kulthoum perform live. The iconic singer’s voice serenaded a whole era and is undeniably one of the best ambassadors of the region’s rich culture and age-old heritage. If you happen to be in the UAE, consider yourself lucky as the Dubai Opera will be celebrating the life of the late idol by playing host to a tribute event this Eid.

Running from May 3 to 5, the musical will retrace the inimitable artist’s life from her humble beginnings in Tammay al Zahayera to the staple status she acquired over the decades all over the Arab World and beyond. A little over two years after Umm Kulthoum was brought to life thanks to hologram technology, the Dubai Opera is repeating the experience once again 

“This musical is a tribute that tells the story of a woman who has made it on her own in a man’s world, constantly rising against the tides, transforming her music, image and style to become a legend: Umm Kulthum” the event organizers said in a statement. 

Her unforgettable heart-felt songs will make their way to the Gulf and are set to take us down memory lane. For the time of a night, dive back into one of the architects of the region’s cultural history through a performance that will unarguably gather everyone from old to young. 

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