Andrea Brocca is More Than Just The World’s Youngest Couturier

He’s taking the industry to its knees.

Regarded as the world’s youngest couturiers, Andrea Brocca is not afraid to compete within the merciless fashion industry. 

Graduated from Central Saint Martins and having sat on the benches of the very prestigious École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, 25-year-old Andrea Brocca just recently revealed his off-scheduled debut collection in one of the world’s most renowned fashion capitals, Paris.

Unafraid of his own shadow, the gifted Italian-Sri Lankan creative is not scared to push through the industry’s doors as he is already quite used to being praised. Crowned world’s youngest couturier by the Guinness Book of Records at the age of 16 and having been called up to dress fly height celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Rina Sawayama, Brocca is certainly building a name for us to remember. 

Photo Credit: Abdulla Elmaz
Photo Credit: Abdulla Elmaz

Drawing most of his inspiration from his multicultural background, his upbringing in the Middle East seems to represent his main source of creativity. In an interview for Vogue, he recounts on how his first public and in-person show was in fact mainly inspired by Fibonacci’s sequence – an intertwined articulation of mathematics, fashion and art that are central elements in Middle Eastern craftsmanship and culture. 

Blending some of Italy’s finest academics with his own experience of the Arab World, the designer’s flair is not only unique and rare but also up-to-date with the current fashion canons as well as the challenges that our societies are to face soon. With the global urge to become more responsible and aware of the issues related to the environment, Brocca’s ecological consciousness has been made felt throughout his career and premier collection using recycled, sustainable and dead-stock fabrics to give life to his wearable art. 

Creative and opulent in style, we’re looking forward to discovering what the talented Andrea has to offer.

Photo Credit: Abdulla Elmaz
Photo Credit: Abdulla Elmaz

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