Andy Warhol Is Coming to AlUla


Ever wished to see an art piece signed by the one and only Andy Warhol but you’re unable to make the long-haul journey to the United States? Worry less, as it’s the Pittsburgh-born visual artist that will be the one making his way to us this time. On Feb. 17, Arts AlUla will be welcoming an exhibition that will celebrate the life and work of the late experimentalist, running all the way through the first half of 2023 up until May 16.

Produced hand-in-hand with Warhol’s eponymously named museum based in his native hometown, “Fame: Andy Warhol in AlUla” will bring some of the pop icon’s most esteemed artworks to the heart of the Saudi Kingdom, all specifically curated by the director of The Andy Warhol Museum, Patrick Moore, for Maraya, the mirror-cladded arts and cultural venue in the ancient UNESCO Heritage Site.

“We aim to drive a new era of cultural exchange, including exhibitions that feature the most important regional and international artists from the mid-20th century to the present day,” said Nora Aldabal, Executive Director, of Arts and Creative Industries for Arts AlUla in a statement.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Arts AlUla on this exhibition, bringing some of Warhol’s most vibrant and iconic works to this monumental landscape” Moore commented before adding, “FAME is intended to be an introduction to the aspect of Warhol that I believe is most fascinating to many young people, including Saudi youth, as Andy Warhol’s journey, which started as a child staring at the movie screen and collecting publicity stills, is becoming more common through the rise of social media.” 

During the four-month-long exhibition, visitors can expect to come face-to-face with some of the American artist’s paintings and prints of Hollywood stars, sporting legends, and musicians including Elizabeth Taylor, Muhammad Ali, and Dolly Parton to name just them, filmed portraits of counter-culture figures from the 1960s, and more. 

Trailing Warhol’s life story and career trajectory from his childhood moment to his days of fame, the exhibition will also include a series of talks, workshops, and masterclasses in screen printing or design for passing-by visitors or dedicated admirers to meet, exchange, and learn. 

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