Anghami Joins the NFT Game

Christmas came in early

After Spotify and Apple, regional competitor Anghami has just unveiled its end of year campaign to the Arab World. Providing insight into how and what subscribers have listened to over the course of the past year, the tailored recap
animation looks in closer into each user’s music taste and habits as well as their personality traits defined by their favourite tracks so far. However, this year feels a little special as the streaming platform is giving Christmas an untraditional digital twist.

Anghami is rewarding top fans of the most popular artists in MENA with NFTs. The digital art asset, designed by Lebanese illustrator Yasmina Keyrouz, will depict the artist in question for aficionados to have a unique access to. The new
NFTs holders will be able to enjoy full ownership of their digital piece while being introduced to an industry that seems to be off to a good start to being the next big thing.

The region’s leading streaming platform is walking in uncharted territory but is in a good position to be one of the pioneers to be linking the blockchain world with the musical one. Enhancing the fan to artist connection like never done before,

Anghami is proving to be innovative and daring through its continuous investment in the Arab world’s cultural scene.

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