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These Apps Will Give You Recipes for Ingredients in Your Kitchen

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Chances are, it’s been a while that you’ve enjoyed a meal at a restaurant. With coronavirus’s spread across the globe, practically everyone is on lockdown at this point, which means we are all spending a lot more time in the kitchen than usual.

There’s also a major chance that most of us aren’t the most adept at using up all the ingredients in our fridge to cook something up. Thanks to technology, there are a few apps that can rescue us all.

Download these, and you’ll find a way to put that lone potato sitting in your fridge to use.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner
The app is probably the most well-known on the list, and for good reason. You’ll find more than 50,000 recipes just a touch away.

With Supercook, you can search through a variety of recipes by checking off the ingredients you already have, and you can narrow it down further by checking off others as you go along.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll need to download BigOven. The application has a database of over 500,000 recipes—including a ‘left-over’ category full of curated recipes using extra ingredients lying around the kitchen.

Not only can you search for recipes by ingredients, but you can also share your recipes with others. The app is part recipe finder, and partially a social platform.

You probably already love Epicurious’s recipes. You can use the app to search using the main ingredient you want to use, and sort the list by ratings, which includes the percentage of people who would make the recipe again.

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