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Shubbak Festival is Looking for the Next Big Arab Artist

Calling all young creatives

Joe Namy work

With everything moving in to the digital sphere, as a response to the global lockdowns, all cultural institutions, galleries and festivals have moved online. 

London’s Shubbak Festival, which stands as Europe’s largest contemporary Arab culture biennial, just launched their first initiative: an open call inviting Middle Eastern and North African artists to work with some of the region’s most renowned artists. 

The selected artists will collaborate with previous Shubbak almuni, namely Joe Namy, who is best known for his work documenting the region’s supercharged car sound system culture, Syrian filmmaker Reem Karssli as well as Iraqi theatre-maker Enkidu Khaled. 

Three selected artists will be paired to work on a project where they will be assigned a room in a home and are given five days to create a response to the concept of ‘the everyday’ under the context of the pandemic. 

The only condition is that the work can be presented digitally—meaning any form or medium can be used by the artists. Think video-pieces, or 24-hour livestreams. 

The open call’s deadline lands on May 10, and the final product is set to be exhibited starting May 18.

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