The Arab ‘Bookstagrammers’ To Follow This International Literacy Day

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Instagram has singlehandedly changed the way we receive information and make decisions. Amassing more than 1.47 billion active users, the platform created a myriad of opportunities for every individual, entrepreneur, and business since launching in 2010. The photo-sharing app impacts our daily lives significantly. If we feel low, we search #goodvibes or #ASMR to watch mood-boosting reels and read inspirational captions and quotes. Short of home decor ideas? Just type #homedecor and scroll through the hundreds of thousands of pictures that pop up. And hidden from popular hashtags, 80,833,810 posts are using #bookstagram  to help readers decide on the next volume to add to their reading list, put down their phones and overcome a reading slump or kickstart a reading habit, and get inspired through book hauls and stunning interior shots of libraries. 

Those who were discreetly sniffing the well-thumbed pages of their favorite books are now on Instagram sharing their love for reading via photos, reels, and sometimes funny clips.

If you miss the smell of a book or the old comforting company, we’ve rounded up a list of Arab “bookstagramers” who will spark your love for reading.  

Sonya (@SerialReader)

Fulltime doctor and serial reader (as her Instagram name suggests), Sonya loves to be surrounded by books.  Have you ever seen the photos circulating the Internet of newlyweds celebrating their wedding in a bookshop? More often than not, chances are it’s her.  Books mean everything to Sonya, so you can expect recommendations of piles of books  at a time. She got her hands on every genre and every country’s literature.  Fromthrillers and Russian classics to Ahmed Khaled Tawfik and Haruki Murakami, you will never be short of books to read. 

Faroukh (@theguywiththebook)

Faroukh’s feed captures the irresistible lure of #Bookstagram: books, bookshelves, cats, and coffee. Scrolling through his feed, you can just feel how invested the book lover is in reading and photography. Every photo is taken with meticulous attention to detail. Faroukh is bringing best-selling books to the attention of Arab readers and creating a space for them to know outside the borders of the region.  Disclaimer: His inspiring and motivational content will probably make you want to grab the closest book to you, read a few pages, and take a picture. 

Sumaya (@Sumaiyya.books)

Remember when Instagram was still Instagram? Sumaiyya does— she started back then when the photo-sharing app was all about, well, photo sharing. A book, a journal, and a pen, is all it takes for Sumaiyya to ignite your appetite for reading. A bookworm on a mission to dig deeper in world’s literature, Summaiya invites you to explore the world through books. From Japanese literature and books on Arab diaspora to insightful non-fiction, she has you covered. Expect to see Gatsby, her cat, a lot on her Instagram Stories. 

Nada  (@Africaanah)


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Who said pajamas are only for sleeping? Way before spending all day in your pajamas was normalized during the lockdown, Nada made them look good with a book and a steaming cup of coffee. Based in Abu Dhabi, the girl can show you the best coffee shops in the region to read a book and drink a delicious cup of joe in peace. Young Adult-book focused, she can guide you through your next feel good read or sad romance. 


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