uSfuur jewellery

This Emirati Jewellery Brand Gives Back to Syrian Refugees

Another ethical Arab brand to add to your radar

uSfuur jewellery

Today’s Arab brands aren’t afraid of pushing the envelope, especially when it means putting social consciousness first. Take Tunisian brand Elbé for example: every piece they make is created using recycled materials, or Atelier Mundane, whose sexy corsets are made using second-hand kiffeyehs. Usfuur can now be added to the growing list of ethical Arab labels

The Dubai jewellery brand is behind the dainty winged-motif you’ve been seeing all over your Instagram. They’re also dedicated to giving back, particularly to Watanili, a grassroots organization behind a learning centre in Turkey for refugeed Syrian children.

Founded by Yara Tlass in December 2015, uSfuur (meaning ‘bird’) in Arabic, all of their  designs—from dainty 24K gold bracelets, to their diamond encrusted rings and pearl adorned earrings—feature this beautiful feathery emblem.

With a motto that reads “one Piece for Peace” and charity at the heart of their identity, uSfuur donates 10 per cent of their proceeds to Watanili. Naturally, they’ve already racked up a fanbase across the UAE, with their products sold at pop-ups across the Gulf nation. 

They’ve been a staple at Dubai Design Week, but not to worry, you won’t have to wait for it to snag one of their pieces. The label’s latest collection is currently available for sale at various retailers across the region.

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