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5 Designers to Keep on Your Radar

A new generation of talent are transforming the region

It’s no secret that creative movements are typically born in the face of adversity. That’s probably why the last few years have seen a new generation of talent emerging from the Middle East.


Young designers are solidifying their presence in the fashion industry, using their work as a form of expression, exploring notions of identity, representation and gender—and ultimately, marking their place on a global playing field.


From subversive streetwear to offbeat minimalist womenswear, we rounded up the five regional labels you should be watching.


Prince Politique



Founded by 22-year-old Dubai-raised Lebanese-Saudi designer Yasmine Badran and famed for its bold slogan tee-shirts asking “where are my rights?” featuring a picture of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto, Prince Politique is grounded in politically-charged ideas of identity and feminism.

Trashy Clothing



Founded by Palestinian artist Shukri Lawrence, the subversive and totally DIY streetwear brand has made it its mission to use fashion to carry a wider message: challenging Arab stereotypes. Having already collaborated with i-D and appeared at Berlin Fashion Week, the brand, which is rooted in online and bootleg culture, is now committed to conquer the world and help build a different consciousness around Arab identity and politics.


One andFour



Inspired by the shape and movements of the human body, Dubai-based label One andFour is the perfect hybrid between tailoring and streetwear. With its signature conceptual head-to-toe separates, it’s safe to say nobody exudes relaxed elegance like designer Engy Mahdy.


Tania George



Handmade by local Middle Eastern tailors, Tania George is first and foremost a brand that values heritage and community. Famed for its ridiculously cute pastel-soaked collections built on gender-neutral codes, the Jordanian label is the proof that you can never go wrong with candy-cotton hues.





Inspired by the grandiose history of Ancient Egypt, there’s a sense of cultivated elegance exuded through 25-year-old Egyptian designer Hanna Hazem’s designs. Both practical and feminine, it’s obvious Ohanna is inherently forward-thinking. Tailored for bold women on the go, Ohanna is a brand sure to make you feel both confident and comfortable.

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