young man and woman looking ahead

6 Double Standards Arab Women Are Tired Of

* eye roll *

young man and woman looking ahead

Every single young Arab woman can recount the first moment that they realised our culture is ridden with confusing double-standards.

At 16 years of age, no boy could ever even call my housephone. Meanwhile, when my brother was 16 he was quite happily praised for having a western girlfriend (who was also allowed to stay over?!).

I, like countless others, just learned to accept this bizarre double standard and the many facets in which it manifested. But now as a “grown up” I’ve realised it’s time we call this contradiction out.

Here are 6 double-standards we’re all tired of.

They want their future wife to be an angelic Quran-obiding woman, but they’re fine to hang out at the club. 

We’re expected to not date, but also have a husband by the time we’re 18. Meanwhile they can ‘trial’ as many women they like.

Our curfew is sunset meanwhile theirs is sunrise. 

We have to give a full CIA profile of who we are going to hang out with, they don’t need to say a thing.

They can coast through life with no knowledge of how to wash a single dish – but we’re essentially walking dishwashers.

If they drink and smoke, it’s politely ignored. We all know what happens if we do…

Photo by Amr Elmasry

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