Here is Your Introductory Dose to the Region’s Drill Scene

Arab rap has never sounded this dark

The drill movement has been taking over most of the global rap scene lately with each region of the world appropriating it as its very own by providing it with some intricate elements to tame it like no other. And so has the Middle East and North Africa.

Rather known to be trend setters than followers, the sub-genre to hip-hop, which originated in Chicago, otherwise known as the Windy City, has steered the region’s sound engineers in producing some punchy beats for our dear artists to spit fire bars onto.

To celebrate the never-ending creativity visible from within the Arab World as of right now, we’ve cooked up a small playlist of some of the hottest tunes to get your head banging and bouncing on your way to or from work and school. An introductory playlist that will surely convince more than one to keep digging into the growing musical style.

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