The Region’s Best Arab Filmmakers Are Offering Free Masterclasses

Leave quarantine with a whole new skill-set

Social distancing measures seemed to bring all creative industries to a halt in the first few weeks of quarantine. But with, the art world has shown its resilience. Rather than reaching a complete standstill, creative industries have simply taken a new, digital form.

And now the Arab film industry is the latest to follow suit.

In an effort to connect filmmakers and film buffs, The Royal Film Commission of Jordan has just launched its first digital initiative, ‘Tallat’, a virtual masterclass hosted by the region’s top filmmakers.

You’re going to want to sign upthe roster is impressive. Both Bassel Ghandour, the Jordanian scriptwriter behind The Hurt Locker, and Palme d’Or nominee Abu Bakr Shawky (who directed Yomeddine) are already on board.

Legendary Egyptian screenwriter Mariam Naoum, who is behind the 2019 film, Between Two Seas, and Jordanian producer and director Rule Nasser, who was behind Scales, are also on the roster.

The masterclass takes place on Zoom. In case you’ve missed any of them, you can watch them all here.

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