One IG Video at a Time, These Figures Are Redefining Arab Comedy

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Who can resist timeless classics like Madraset El-Mushaghebeen and Raya wa Sekina? No one. But as the digital age dictates, there’s a new comedic format taking reign. Gone are the days where theatre ruled the region’s comedy game. Social media has officially taken over. 

With its rise, a new wave of comedians slid out of the woodworks, serving up timely sketches and social commentary that’s as hilarious as ever. The best part? They’re all just one click away.

Looking for a laugh to lighten up the mood? We rounded up the most hilarious Arab IG accounts for you to follow.

Asmaa El Arabi


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The Moroccan humorist will keep you hooked as she pokes fun of social behaviours in her native country. 

Sarah Zaetir


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Sarah is a Lebanese Comedian living in Dubai. Her hilarious one-woman sketches and her funny phone call gags will leave you dying with laughter.

Mohanad Al Hattab

Mohamad Al Hattab is a Dubai-based Syrian comedian. With a following of over 460,000 on Instagram alone, he’s built a cult fan-base through his of influencers and bloggers. 

Subhi Taha


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Through his videos, Subhi Taha retells what it means to be Muslim American, and it’s his hilarious take on the diaspora that got us hooked. His culturally-based comedy, which takes off his Palestinian-Filipino background, is relatable for all Muslim communities across the world. 

Selim Ghommidh

The comedian portrays the everyday reality of life in Tunisia in his videos, poking fun at signature behaviours of the Tunisian people.



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Hailing from Egypt but living in New York City, the real star of Mai’s sketches is her mother, who portrays everything classic Arab mothers. 

Faiza Rammuny

Looking for hilarious dating advice? Faiza Rammuny is your girl.


Main image: Asmaa El Arabi shot by @ismaelyoussoufine

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