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green and purple makeup

5 Arab Makeup Artists to Follow on Instagram

From Euphoria colour palettes to slick sophistication

green and purple makeup

Matte lips, colour-block eyes, ‘draped’ blush, dewy highlighter, bushy brows—keeping up with makeup trends is hard, especially at a time when we’re inundated with so many images. And if you’re not familiar with the beauty jargon, it can sound like gibberish to the inexperienced.

Thanks to the rise of Instagram makeup artists, the industry has evolved and boomed, becoming much more accessible, inclusive and fun. Times when women wore makeup “for men” are long gone. Makeup is now an extension of playful self-expression – and men aren’t excluded from it’s allure.

Whether you’re into “no makeup” makeup or bold looks, when it comes to inspiration and tips, these are the Arab makeup artists you need to follow no matter what your aesthetic is.


Living between Saudi Arabia and LA, Yasmin is into glow, shine, sparkle and colour. With her, you can forget about stuffy beauty standards. Think Euphoria-inspired kaleidoscopic looks.


Mohammed Hindash is the Arab male makeup artist killing the game in the UAE. Counting almost 1 million followers, the young Jordanian is famed for his viral tutorials that show how to achieve sophisticated looks step-by-step.

Yara Makeup


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Une publication partagée par Yara Alnamlah يارا النملة ( le

Yara doesn’t confine to one makeup style. Whether she goes for a fresh-faced natural base or shiny, bright looks that are more imaginative, the Saudi woman takes you through her skills in details. Perfect if you’re into simplicity but with a hint of fantasy.

Samer Khouzami

Probably the biggest male beauty guru in the region, Khouzami is who you’re looking for if you like theatrical contouring. Craving cheekbones like your favourite top model? Follow him.

Masooma Jalil Hashim


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Une publication partagée par معصومة هاشم | Masooma Jaleel (@masooma.hashim) le

If you don’t like to do things by halves, Hashim has got what you need. Baking, bronzing, blending and contouring:  she’s into full and flamboyant looks with dramatic accents.

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