Bil Arabi jewellery

The Jewellery Designer Paying Tribute to the Arabic Language

Bil Arabi’s newest collection is a contemporary ode to calligraphy

Bil Arabi jewellery

For more than a decade now, Nadine Kanso has ruled the region’s jewellery game with her cult label, Bil Arabi. With every season, Kanso’s signature calligraphy-inspired pieces become more and more sought-after, and her latest drop is no exception. 

As brisk winds hit the region, Kanso decided to heat things up with the launch of a new collection she’s called ‘Hobak Nar’. Translating to ‘Your love is fire’ in English. The collection was inspired by the Arabic language, which includes over 24 words that denote the different degrees of love. Kanso decided to put the focus on the degree of burning, passionate love for the collection, hence the name. 

Bil Arabi jewellery 2Bil Arabi jewellery 3With the use of the phrase on each piece, you’ll instantly recognise Bil Arabi’s imprint on them. This time, however, Kanso plays with symbols. A flame design is featured on everything from the rings and earrings to the cuffs and pendants. 

The 10-piece collection features the phrase in Arabic calligraphy on three iterations of ornate rings that vary from red, yellow to pink enamel, with two adorned with black and white diamonds. The cuff and earrings feature the words hidden on the back.  

Whilst all pieces are soon to be cult-favourites, it’s her fiery ear cuff that stands out most: a gilded piece that features red enamel. 

Bil Arabi jewellery 1 Bil Arabi jewellery 4If you’re hoping to get your hands on a piece, the collection will debut at the new Shiffa Boutique at the Waldorf Astoria in Dubai on November 16.

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