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5 Arab Organizations to Support This Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink ribbons everywhere

By now, you’ve probably noticed all the pink ribbons across social media. What does it stand for? It’s the international symbol for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual global campaign that takes place every October to increase awareness of the disease.

Put in place by the pharmaceutical AstraZeneca company in 1985, the initiative has since aimed at spreading information and knowledge onto how to prevent and cure the illness whilst fundraising for research.

Statistically, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer all around the world as it is the most frequent cancer amongst both sexes and is the leading cause of death from cancer in women.

To celebrate life and resilience against breast cancer, companies and organisations have been working hand in hand to come in support of the cause. To shed more light onto the given matter while extending the efforts made by few associations in the region, we’ve rounded up five bodies to come in support to through this Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Baheya Foundation, Egypt

Founded in 2015, Baheya Wahbi launched her platform after having been diagnosed with the condition herself. Proactive and well attentive to the topic, the organisation provides everything from early detection to chemotherapy sessions, radiotherapy sessions and psychological support all throughout the process of cure.

ATAMCS, Tunisia

First of its kind in Tunisia, the centre offers a wide range of session from medical to cognitive help all throughout and after treatments. Based in the country’s capital, the foundation relies on donations and funding to help treat its patients.

Jordan Breast Cancer Program, Jordan 

The Amman-based initiative is a nation-wide program led and supported by the King Hussein Cancer Foundation. Founded in 2007, the project aims at developing “comprehensive services for the early detection and screening of breast cancer for all women in Jordan.”

Foundation Against Cancer, Morocco 

With the help of Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Salma, since 2005, the Foundation Against Cancer “works hand in hand with all its partners, to make the fight against cancer a public health priority in Morocco and the region.”

American University of Beirut Medical Centre, Lebanon

Launched in 2013, the Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation aims at heightening the effectiveness of treatments by “reminding women of the significance of screening for early detection and to celebrate survivorship”.

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