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A New Saudi Photography Contest Could Make Your Work Viral

Calling all young Arab photographers

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Creative industries are notoriously difficult to break into. With the Coronavirus crisis and looming recession, it could become even more complicated for young artists, who mostly work on a project-by-project basis. But The Royal Commission for Al Ula, and Sony, are giving you the chance to become the next big thing.

Running until September 23, a new exclusive photo competition is open to all local photographers. Invited to submit their work to a panel of experienced judges, which include Sony ambassadors, applicant simply submit by uploading their work on Instagram and tagging the official @experiencealula account, using the hashtag #capturealula and #experiencealula. 

Candidates are invited to participate in different categories, such as Nature, Monumental, People, Design and Adventure; with each category highlighting and celebrating the site of Al Ula.

Five final winners will be awarded a SR 10,000 ($2,666) commission from the RCU to provide 50 images to be used for the reopening of Al Ula in October, as well as a Sony Alpha 6600M camera. 

Want to become a photographer? Now’s your chance. Click here.

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